A few months ago I was talking with our HOA president and he mentioned issues with the lake infrastructure. We have had a lot of issues with algae and erosion over the last few years. In addition this year we started having some erosion issues along the dam.

So I volunteered to start flying some map missions to get a scope of what the algae and erosion problems look like. I also took some high definition photo and video shots of the erosion around the parameter and along the dam of the lake.


In early July 2020, the HOA asked me to map the lake again the see the change in the algae over the past few months.

Below that is a map of both the lake Algae back in March of 2020 and the west creek area of our lake. The lake area was flown in March of 2020 and the creek area in May of the same year. 

Lake Map - Sept 2020

Lake Map - July 2020

Lake Map - March 2020

Photos of Erosion Damage

Videos of Erosion Damage

Video of the West Creek